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PET application



New NECK guide system from Compere Systems


Ling Systems conveyors can handle most types of PET bottles by using specially developed neck and bottle body support guides, along with parallel hinge units, metering units, vertical elevators, vertical declines and specially developed line controls. Potential applications include one-way and returnable bottles which are required to be conveyed in modern bottling plants. This can be from a variety of bottle sources - blow moulders, de-palletisers and unscramblers - to palletisers, silos, rinsers and fillers, separately or in different combinations through the use of Ling Systems special bottle gates and batching units. Using this technique, Ling Systems can transport bottles safely and efficiently for most types of PET bottle handling applications, from bottle filling to bottle manufacturing and storage. This gives the total flexibility that is required in the high speed bottling lines of today. Ling air conveyors can also transport preforms by air conveyor in a bottle blowing environment, if required.



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